As a child I always suffered from being unorganized. I always found myself running late for school, forgetting my homework (“I promise I have it done, I just forgot it at home)” and making everyone in after school practice wait for me.

This habit continued throughout high school and even creeped into my working life.

This seemingly minor bad habit evolved into major frustration. I was constantly stressed and often caught myself procrastinating. Until one day I said to myself:

“I can’t go on like this. I have to make a change!”

I learnt about decluttering and it’s many positive side effects. I was skeptic, yet I instantly started implementing small organizational changes in my life.

“They made a world of difference!”

I found myself having easier time to focus, it was easier to find things and overall – I was in a better mood. And my living space looks so much more spacey and cozy now!

We encourage you to do the same and are here to help!

Clutter, seemingly minor issue, actually affects you in more ways than most would imagine.

It takes your space. It steals your time. It drains your energy. It distracts and upsets… 

Our business is all about developing simple, cost-effective and aesthetic household products that help you keep your home organized and clutter-free.

Make your home feel like a place of retreat – to relax, nurture your relationships, and calmly collect your thoughts.

Stay Organized,


Founder, Neatly Made


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